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Weenie Warmers
are made for laughing, not
for wearing.  But after it's
yours, do with it as you
Our Weenie Warmers are
sometimes called a Penis
Warmer, Peter Heater, Peter
Warmer, Willy Warmer, Ball
Shawl, Cock Cozy, Cock Sock,
Schlongjohn, Cockoozees,
Junk Trunk,  Shaft Snuggie,
Manhood Mitten and even a
Man Mitt, and perhaps other
names, but we've been making
them for 30+ years and have 
always called them Weenie
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Goofy Gag Gifts!
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Weenie Warmers are our Specialty!

The Goofy Gift Shop,  Bastrop, TX  has a large collection of Weenie Warmers gag
gifts including those for special occasions, holidays, events, all NFL teams, college
and other sports.  We will also custom make almost any Weenie Warmer in the
colors and specs you require.  The Goofy Gift Shop also offers many other fun,
unusual gag gifts, and gifts to give as practical jokes.  So browse around! 
We hope you find the perfect gag gift and thanks for looking!

Events, Occasions and Professions - $20.00 each

Holidays - $20.00 each

Sports - $20.00 each

Special Orders

Goofy Gifts

Prisoner of Love
Bachelor Party                  Referee
Birthday Boy                    Rainbow Pride
Cowboy/Western                Star of David
Military/Camouflage            Tex (Texas flag)     
Wedding/Formal                Dr Pecker                      
Mr Fix-It                       Fisherman                      
Hunter/Camouflage             Gambler                        
Law Enforcement               The Biker
Democrat                       One-Eyed Trouser Snake 

April Fools                      Halloween
(aka Shorty)                    July 4th
Christmas/Holiday              St. Patrick's Day
Cinco de Mayo                  Valentine's Day
Father's Day                 

Baseball                        Golf
College Sports                 Hunting
Fishing                         NASCAR
Football                        Bowling 
Track & Field
If we don't have your sport, we'll make it for you!

Shorty                         Teenie Weenie
Big Boy                         Then & Now
Father & Son                  About Special Orders

Questions? Requests? Special Orders? Contact Us

Maxi-Pad Bedroom Slippers   Fortune Cookies
It Snot a Mug                 Fake Rude Lottery Tickets
Menopause Relief Pills         Fish Asshole Labels
Husband Training Treats      The Perfect Man
Men's Clothing Repair Kit     Redneck Ear Wax Remover
'Safe Sex' Condoms               Too Many to List!

Wedding Prisoner of Love Weenie Warmer & Penis Warmers
Pittsburgh Steelers Weenie Warmer
Then & Now Weenie Warmers - Boston Bruins
Mr Woody Hot Dog Grill Roaster

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But the best Weenie Warmers from The Goofy Gift Shop!
Valentines Day Weenie Warmers