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Weenie Warmers
are made for laughing, not
for wearing.  But after it's
yours, do with it as you
Our Weenie Warmers are
sometimes called a Penis
Warmer, Peter Heater, Peter
Warmer, Willy Warmer, Ball
Shawl, Cock Cozy, Cock Sock,
Schlongjohn, Cockoozees,
Junk Trunk, Ball Hammock,  
Shaft Snuggie, Manhood Mitten
and even a  Man Mitt, and
perhaps other names, but we've
been making them for 30+ years
and have  always called them
Weenie Warmers!
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'tis the
Jimmy Joe Bobby says he knowed a doctor say you don't need to never clean yore ears - but don't nobody with a lick of sense believe that!

Redneck Reminder:  When sending your wife down the road with a gas can, it is impolite to ask her to bring you back a beer.

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From The Goofy Gift Shop
This is a great gift for your redneck or wanna-be redneck friends.  'Cause everybody knows that ears should be kept clean!  Just remember that you should always use your own truck keys to avoid disease.  Also remember that it's important to clean the key sometimes because the buildup of wax on the key could cause a short-circuit in your truck's ignition.

Your friend will really appreciate this gift!
Only $3.49
Shipping included