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Weenie Warmer Video
Weenie Warmers
are made for laughing, not
for wearing.  But after it's
yours, do with it as you
Our Weenie Warmers are
sometimes called a Penis
Warmer, Peter Heater, Peter
Warmer, Willy Warmer, Ball
Shawl, Cock Cozy, Cock Sock,
Schlongjohn, Cockoozees,
Junk Trunk, Ball Hammock,  
Shaft Snuggie, Manhood Mitten
and even a  Man Mitt, and
perhaps other names, but we've
been making them for 30+ years
and have  always called them
Weenie Warmers!
You can't beat our
Goofy Gag Gifts!
We have found a really funny
item that we wish we had
thought of first.  Check out
       Toilet Buddies

The Goofy Gift Shop
smithville, tx
On-line defensive
driving course
The year of the
(keep him warm)

"They are awesome.  I have told all my girlfriends about them.  I have also gone to the Better Business Bureau and gave you a glowing review. Your promptness was amazing, and your customer service is fantastic.  I will and would recommend your website to everyone I know. Thanks so much. "
Chel, Temecula, CA
"Just picked up the Willie Warmer from the mailbox. OMG, he's going to pee himself laughing. It's hilarious and really well made. I'll refrain from trying it on since it's a gift and all.  LOL."
Mark in Washington
"What a hoot!  Even better in hand vs. photo!" 
Kristi in MN
"thats freakin awesome. Haha! thankx"
Parker in NM
"extremely fast shipping.  Great item!  what a neat idea.
We will get many laughs lol"
Amanda in NY
"Thanks!  My husband will laugh his butt off when he gets this Christmas morning!"
Sandra in NJ
"My boyfriend will stay warm this winter now.  LOL. Thanks"
Jane in OH
"Just wanted you to know the weenie warmer was a HIT! Everyone at the bachelor party loved it. We were in Vegas for the wedding and all the events. The bachelor party was a night of playing poker and even people at the next table got a chuckle while the groom kept it over his shoulder for everyone to see"
Jack in AZ
You may remember my order from September in which I ordered a Dallas Cowboys
weenie warmer for my brother. Let me be honest for a moment in saying to you
that in my lifelong history of buying my youngest brother birthday gifts
(about 3 of his 25 years), I have never delivered a gift so appreciated as
your sturdy choad holder (and you can use that as a product testimonial).
Ross L. In LA
You know the commercial that use to run for Mastercard? ..well this is my
take on it:
-Searching the words "cock warmer" on the internet and finding
thegoofygiftshop.com: zero dollars
-Ordering a weenie warmer from thegoofygiftshop: $20.00
-Seeing my friend's surprised face, loss for words and laughing until his face turns red: PRICELE$$
That's the happiness you get from using a Mastercard, hahaha
Chris, Florida
WOW i just got in the weenie warmer and let me tell you that is GREAT!
....I am so excited, thank you once again!
Kristen, Texas
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Testimonials from Customers about Weenie Warmers