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Weenie Warmers
are made for laughing, not
for wearing.  But after it's
yours, do with it as you
Our Weenie Warmers are
sometimes called a Penis
Warmer, Peter Heater, Peter
Warmer, Willy Warmer, Ball
Shawl, Cock Cozy, Cock Sock,
Schlongjohn, Cockoozees,
Junk Trunk, Ball Hammock,  
Shaft Snuggie, Manhood Mitten
and even a  Man Mitt, and
perhaps other names, but we've
been making them for 30+ years
and have  always called them
Weenie Warmers!
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Miami Dolphins Weenie Warmers
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If you're a true Miami Dolphins fan, you have to show your support!  What better way than with the Miami Dolphins Weenie Warmer?  It's the perfect gag gift and one he will treasure always!

Miami Dolphins Weenie Warmer

Miami Dolphins Weenie Warmers fom The Goofy Gift Shop
Gag gift from The Goofy Gift Shop
Only $20.00 shipping included
within the USA
International shipping is extra! CLICK HERE
Only $20.00 shipping included
within the USA
Miami Dolphins "Shorty" style
"Shorty" is about 1/2 the length of a standard size (pictured above)  That is the only difference - length.
Good gift if you want to insult his "manhood"
Miami Dolphins Father/Son
Father/Son is a matching set which includes one regular size warmer (pictured above)
and one "Teenie Weenie"

Only $30.00 shipping included
within the USA
The Father/Son set makes the perfect gag gift for an expectant father or new dad!
This funny card is included with each weenie warmer. It's sure to get a laugh!
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Weenie Warmers
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about 6"

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